LOTRO 30 Day Challenge

Welcome to part 5 and the final part of the Lotro 30 day challenge! This post contains questions 25 – 30 of Middle Earth Wisdom’s Challenge.

I have enjoyed doing this Lotro 30 day challenge; I am kind of sad it is over already! If you decide to do this challenge on your blog, please let me know so I can come to see your experiences in LOTRO!

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LOTRO 30 Day Challenge Part 5

25. Your Proudest in-game accomplishment?

My proudest moment in-game is when Skadee and I managed to kill the two Trolls, Ufdragh and Barashal who stand guard at Orthanc alone without dying. Yes, we were ten levels above, but each has 1,275,120 morale and they do not attack one at a time. That “Gate Crasher” title was mine!

Ufdragh and Barashal
26. LOTRO-related post of your choice.

The LOTRO related post of my choice I wrote prior to doing this challenge, and it has been a post that is well loved amongst the LOTRO crowd.

How to create a LOTRO Shortcut for a quicker login. I also teach you how to avoid the billions of splash screens you get thrown in your face!

27. Which epic would you skip every time?

Epics can be a grind with a lot of back and forth, but I am going to say I wouldn’t skip any. You may be thinking, why can’t you make a decision? It isn’t that I can’t decide which to skip; I simply love the extra story-line the epics bring. Yes, even the story-lines that Sara Oakheart is in!

28. Big Battles: Yay or Nay?

When we first got big battles, epic battles, rather, I was excited about doing them. After doing them on a few characters on repeat, not so much anymore. Epic battles are fun the first time for the story line, but after, they turn into more of a grind than just a good skirmish. I am gonna have to say thee, “Nay, I say, NAY! Get thee behind me, spawn of Satan!”

29. How many characters do you have, total?

Not including my Creeps, I have a total of 108 Freeps spread over all the current servers. Don’t judge me!

30. What’s the most fun you’ve ever had in game?

My time on Imladris has been the most fun I have had in-game. The family we made on that server; the parties, the raids, the parades through Bree Town, escorting chickens across Middle Earth…

Jumping off the top of Minas Tirith in the weeks before our server was closed down as Ning yelled, “BURN THE DORF!” Gifty yelled out, “CYT,” with her fist in the air all the while Sneekers ran off with our bacon and cookies and bacon cookies.

The pack of Bela Hobbits who belong to the most loveable human I have ever met, besides Westie, who would give you the armor off his back if he could, literally…

I can go on and on about the fun times we had on Imladris and about the people I met and call family; there are way too many to name in this one post as you can see from the screenshots of Imladris’ family photo in post 3.

I feel grateful that I still have those Imladrians with me on new servers that we have immigrated to. While I go to other servers to catch up with a few of the Imladris family, you can find me most often bouncing around regions on Crickhollow.

In closing, if I am honest, as long as I am with good people who enjoy the game as much as I do, I will always have fun on Lord of the Rings Online.

Your turn!

I hope you have enjoyed my experience with the LOTRO 30 Day Challenge. If you are a LOTRO player too, let me know in the comments below. If you are ever on Crickhollow, drop me a msg!

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