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If you are a LOTRO (The Lord of the Rings Online) player, you might become frustrated with the splash screens and raw downloads of said screens, just to have to always put in your password and log in.

If you are like me, you want to get into play and not wait while the program downloads every splash screen at each session. I have had logins that have taken 5 minutes to download the splash screens.

There is a quick and simple fix for this problem involving a LOTRO Shortcut. Let me show you how you can get into mow mobs down like wheat faster in just 6 simple steps.

This tutorial is for Windows. I have not used a Mac since high school when I learned to create graphics for my high school newspaper.

I graduated in 1987 if that tells you how long ago that was. I am assuming Mac users know the steps to create a shortcut and edit the properties of said shortcut.

If anyone creates a tutorial for Mac, please let me know so I can link you.

How to Create a LOTRO Shortcut for Quicker Login.

1. Go to your program files to grab the launcher.

Typically, Your LOTRO folder is kept in C:\Program Files (x86) or C:\Program Files, depending on how your computer is set up to save your games.

Look for either the Turbine folder if you are an old player or StandingStoneGames if you have a newer install of the game.

Open up The Lord of the Ring Online folder and find lotrolauncher.exe.

NOTE: As of update 22.2, Standing Stone renamed the launcher from TurbineLauncher.exe to lotrolauncher.exe. Old installs may contain the old TurbineLauncher.exe. Ignore that launcher.

2. Make a shortcut of lotrolauncher.exe.

Right-click the lotrolauncher.exe icon, and create a shortcut.

LOTRO Shortcut

LOTRO Shortcut
Look at that! Lotro Shortcut made!

3. Move the shortcut to the desktop.

You can do this using two methods.
1. Drag your shortcut icon to your desktop. It helps to have your file folder minimized to a half screen to do that.
2. Right-click the icon and hit cut on the menu, Paste on your desktop.

4. Click on properties.

With your icon now on your desktop, right-click it again, and click on properties in the menu.

LOTRO Shortcut

5. Shortcut Tab - Target. At the end of Lotro Launcher.exe" add a space and add this:

-nosplash -skiprawdownload -username yourusername -password yourpassword

LOTRO Shortcut

It's crucial to make sure you put a space after the " before pasting the code in! The shortcut will not work otherwise.

Lotro Shortcut

6. Put your username in where it says yourusername and your password in where it says yourpassword

Click apply and OK. Done…

In less time than sitting through all the splash screens and downloads waiting to put your password in, you have created a shortcut that will get you into the game quicker. Now if only they would give us a change server button…

NOTE: If you are on a shared computer and do not have a different login per user, anyone who uses your computer will be able to log into your game using that icon. Keep that in mind and give all users their own user account on the computer. Alternatively, you can skip the username and password part of the code and still get rid of the splash screens and raw downloads.

Your turn!

Have you found this tutorial on How to Create a LOTRO Shortcut for Quicker Login useful and want more like it? Do you have any other tips to share about LOTRO? Let us know your thoughts, tips, and insight in the comments below.

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