LOTRO 30 Day Challenge

Welcome to part 4 of the Lotro 30 day challenge! This post contains questions 19 – 24 of Middle Earth Wisdom’s Challenge.

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LOTRO 30 Day Challenge Part 4

19. Show off your favorite mount

My favorite mount is Raum’s War steed!

Sharing these images from my own Flickr account. Click to see a larger view.



Non-postwork straight out of LOTRO screenshot

With post work in photoshop.

Appearance War Steed:

Hide Default
Head: Halter of the Hammer Hand
Body: Spooky Caparison Of The Bat – Default
Legs: Rune Keepers Leggings – Dyed Rust
Tail: Rohirm Elite Tail – Default
Saddle: Rohirm Elite Saddle
Gear: Accessory of the Hammer Hand

Raumi’s Outfit:

Back: Odda’s Riding Cloak
Chest: Jacket of the lazy soldier
Leggings: Landbert’s Threadbare leggings
Gloves: Gloves of the Eorlingas
Boots: Boots of the Eorlingas
Satchel: Rune Keepers Satchel of the third age level 75 Dyed sienna

20. If you could only have one skirmish, which would it be?

If I could have only one Skirmish, it would be Stand at Amon Sûl. It’s a fun and quick skirm that you can use to teach newer skirm players teamwork, not to mention it’s the skirm you aid Candaith in after hanging out at his camp and doing tasks for him.

As I mentioned in part 1 of this challenge, the Rangers of the North are my favorite NPCs and Candaith is on the top of the list. I am in a kin called “Candaith is my Bae” on another server!

Selfish note, it is so hard to gain reputation with the Eglain, and this skirm gives you 700.

21. Post some gorgeous LOTRO Scenery
Ships in the bay - Cape of Belfalas
Ships in the bay – Cape of Belfalas
Bounder's Bounty Statue, Michel Delving, the Shire in front of the Imladris server statue.
Bounder’s Bounty Statue, Michel Delving, the Shire in front of the Imladris server statue.
22. Which festival is the best?

I don’t do festivals as much as I did when they were new to the game. It took years before Standing Stone introduced new stuff in the Fests. Because of new content, the best fest is the LOTRO Fall Festival.

23. Show off your hobbit hole, man cave, elvish home, or dwarven hall!
Front of my house – Falathlorn
View from the front door
Falathlorn Home
I have had my house in the Cape since they first released them. I haven’t finished decorating it yet, but Candaith enjoys it.
24. Which title is your main char using right now?

Currently, Raumi is wearing the “Master Blaster” title earned by completing the Fireworks: Master Firework-launcher deed you earn from setting off all the fireworks from the anniversary event. I feel the title is fitting for a combat RK.

Your turn!

Are you a LOTRO player? Have you done the Lotro 30 Day Challenge? Let us know your thoughts, experiences, and insight in the comments below.

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