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Welcome to part 3 of Middle Earth Wisdom Lord of the Rings Online 30-day Challenge. This post has a few images!

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LOTRO 30 Day Challenge #13 – 18

13. Which faction were you absolutely keen to get kindred status with?

When I first started playing the game, I really wanted to get Kindred with the Mathom Society (Shire). While a decade later, I still am keen because they have the most epic rep horse, the current kindred status that I am the most excited about is Riders of Rohan.

LOTRO 30 Day Challenge Raumolire
Raumolire the RuneKeeper on her Mathom Society Rep Horse.
Eorl Memorial

You need Kindred with the Riders of Rohan to acquire these two beautiful yard decorations.

In my not so humble opinion, these are the best rep rewards you can earn!

Rohirric Windmill
14. Best server to play on.

Before the server mergers of hell.. *CURSE YOU TURBINE!* (or “CYT!” as my dear friend, Gifty, likes to shout out often, mainly after they ignored her sternly worded letter asking Turbine to not break up our family… Ok, most of us are still not over the whole breaking up of a family… *Shakes her fist and yells out “CYT!”) the best server to play on was Imladris.

Imladris was a friendly server where most of us got along, hung out with each other, role-played with each other, quest and raid with each other, and enjoyed events that we would throw on the server. We were, as I said, a family. Many of us gathered in Imladris at the entry of the Last Homely House, the weekend before the server went down. We all went down with the ship, so to speak.

Since the merger, many of the Imladris family moved to Crickhollow, where we still talk to each other, still hang out, still attend events, still shout out “CYT!” and encourage Gifty to send sternly worded letters…

15. Raiding kinship or social kinship?

Sorry, I can’t pick one over the other. For me, the choice depends on the character and the people I am hanging with. I am in a Raiding Kin, and I am in a social kinship, and further yet, a Role-play kinship!

16. Take a Lotro Selfie
Brevyre the Beorning Crafting
17. Did you read the books before playing the game? If not has playing the game made you more curious at all?

I have read the books starting with The Hobbit, or There and Back Again since I was 5 years old. I read all the works every year, including the Creation books Christopher Tolkien put out, sharing his father’s writing notes and original drafts.

18. If you could throw an NPC into Mount Doom, who would get barbequed?

This is the easiest question of the whole challenge! The one NPC I would throw into Mount Doom is Sara Oakheart! She deserves it more than any other NPC in the game to date!

Your turn!

Are you a LOTRO player? Have you done the Lotro 30 Day Challenge? Let us know your thoughts, experiences, and insight in the comments below.

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