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Things to be aware of

First things first! I have a regular job and often work more than 12 hours a day, and I have a family and a home to spend time with and care for. No offense to you; I am sure you are pretty epic, but family and life away from the computer always take priority.

I never check email on Saturday or Sunday, especially not on holidays.

Social Media might happen, depending on who I am this week. (If you don’t get that reference, we cannot be friends… just kidding.)

The “Someone did these things, so I have to bring it up" list.

Top of my NO list… I hate that I have to bring this up; I shouldn’t have to be bringing this up… but... I do not tolerate rudeness. Swearing at me in emails or on social media will not get you a quicker response. It will get you blocked, and you will not get any form of reply from me.

I will move your form of contact into my “Parents didn’t give them enough attention, or dropped them on their heads one too many times” folder.

I am all for beneficial mutual partnerships. I reserve the right to decline if you email me for a link addition to my resource page or link list. Before I consider endorsing someone, I must feel confident in what you provide my readers.

I also check to see if you are still a beneficial mutual partner. If you have taken your link from my site after I add yours to mine, I will delete your link. Yes, I check nowadays. Some people don’t understand what the words “beneficial,” “mutual,” or “partnership” means.

Connect With Me On Social Media

I love connecting with people on social media; new friends make me happy.

Sometimes, a hello and friendly chat is more fun on social media, and you can often engage “more like real-time,” whereas email feels much too business-like.

Contact Me

Contact me by Email.

For General questions, feedback, and comments, link-up requests, you can email me using the form on this page. It can take me up to 72 hours to respond to an email. If your option is not there, you can hit Something Else.

If you are here to get your band or music reviewed, please use the Artist’s Request for Spotlight form.

If you are writing to let me know that I have violated you by listing or linking to your music or band, please use the Music Disclaimer Form. I will respond to your request for removal within 72 hours.

Guest Posting:

I get many requests for guest posts, many of which come off as scams/spam. I don’t pay for guest posts on this website.

I should consider creating a page and mail form specifically for Guest Post requests; it should help minimize the spam emails I get if they have to go to another page to read the requirements and suggestions to do a guest post.

Well, that is the theory, and so, we shall see what pans out down the road.

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