You can download plugins at LOTRO Interface dot com

How To Install Plugins:

You will need to create a Plugins directory in your The Lord Of The Rings Online Folder, which should be located in your
C:Documents and SettingsusernameMy DocumentsThe Lord of the Rings Online (same place your snaps go to.)

Extra help:

Go to my computer, click on my documents, and open up The Lord Of The Rings Online folder.

Make a new folder; name it Plugins.

Extract your downloaded plugins to that new folder.

How To Use Them:

In your client, type these commands:

/plugins refresh (this will load the new plugins you just installed)

/plugins list (this will give you the list of all installed, known plugins.)

/plugins load (this will allow you to load a plugin to use. Obvious change the . Example /plugins load palantir.)

/plugins manager (This will allow you to load the plugin manager from the character login screen while in the game. It is very handy, especially if you need to turn things off to take snaps.  Some things like buff bars will not completely disappear when you hide the UI with F12.)

Note!!  There have been a few changes within the last year since I originally wrote this post on my kin’s website.  

You no longer need the manager plugin and can now load your desired plugins per toon from your character login screen.  

The plugins you pick through here will load EVERY TIME you log into your server all by themself. Set it and forget it! And if they do not, the above commands still work.

See Below Images.  Click on them to make them larger.

Plugins – How To Install Them
Click on the Manage Plugin Button


Plugins – How To Install Them
Find the plugin you want to load up when you login; then, in the drop-down circled, you can set it for all your toons on this server or click the little arrow and pick one.


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