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Voltaire, not your old time French writer…  This Voltaire happens to be none other than Aurelio Voltaire Hernández, singer, songwriter, cartoonist, writer, animator, television director,

Photograph of singer/author/animator/personality Voltaire, performing live at the DNA Lounge in San Francisco.
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and professor at New York’s School of Visual Arts…. a jack of all trades if you will. Take a look at his website and check out all the books he has written, the films he has done, etc. In any case, this man is talented, and one of my favorite musicians, he deserves a spotlight.  🙂 Here is a great interview with Voltaire on Ego Driven.

I have enjoyed spreading the “Voltaire Addiction” as my friends call it, to the world as much as possible. I hope to accomplish that mission with this post even more so. Let’s continue, shall we?

Voltaire Genered

Some people have asked me numerous times what genre I would classify Voltaire into. That is not an easy answer. He has fans that include your average Goth and Steampunk. He is touted as being the genres of Dark Cabaret, dark wave, folk, Gothic, symphonic rock and soft rock. I think we should throw Steampunk into that mix, but that is mainly because of all the Steampunks that love him. He is actually played on a few Steampunk radio stations.

Voltaire’s Music

So now you would like a sample of his music, I am sure. It is hard for me to pick just a few songs to share with you, I love them all… I have his CDs (9 of them to be exact) and am looking forward to the new one Raised By Bats that will be released soon. Voltaire is a staple in my cd collection and will stay that way each cd he releases. 🙂 If you enjoy what you are hearing, please hit his website music page and pick up a cd or three. 🙂

From the 1998 album, The Devil’s Bris, my favorite song from the album… one that I still use now as a closer/theme song at certain sets.

From the 2000 album Almost Human… This is a live version.

From the 2002 album, Boo Hoo, I can’t pick one so you get four featured songs.
Ok so you are getting the Twilight Live Version… Very comical!! “You better not sparkle in my vampire club”. This version is actually from the 2010 album SPOOKY SONGS FOR CREEPY KIDS

I TOTALLY adore this song… Voltaire and Poe in one. This man is just GENIUS!!

Next up, the 2004 album Then And Again. The song I have decided to share here is “Good Night Demon Slayer”, a song he wrote for his son, and another song I often close a set with.

From 2007 album Ooky Spooky Another live version… I love him live!!

The greatest birthday song of all time, from the 2008 album To The Bottom Of The Sea

From 2010 album Hate Lives In A Small Town

From the 2011 album, Riding A Black Unicorn Down The Side Of An Erupting Volcano While Drinking From A Chalice Filled With The Laughter OF Small Children… I picked this song to show the hint of Steampunk. 🙂

Finally, from the 2012 album BiTrektual… I have picked this one because I am a HUGE Dr. Who fan… This whole album is geekily brilliant. He doesn’t have it on his website for sale yet, but if you would like to buy it….

In Conclusion

As you can see, Voltaire is multi talented and multi genered. I hope you enjoyed reading this post and listening to his music as much as I did putting it together. Now go forth… SPREAD THE ADDICTION!!

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