Lady Sings The Blues

Lady sings the blues… If you have come here looking for Ms Day, the one and only Billie Holliday, stay tuned for another post. This post is strictly about some of the great blues women and some of their songs I featured today in my set list.

I love being a DJ!! Be it for a radio station, a club or a party. Best job in the world, folks! Doesn’t really qualify as a job in my opinion, I enjoy it too much. Music makes life worth living, and I enjoy sharing great music to the world and introducing artists to people who have never heard them before. Tonight’s set was well received, and introduced a few people to not only how wonderful

Lady Sings The Blues
Lady Sings The Blues

the Blues is, but how powerful the female role in the genre still is. I have linked to all the artist websites. Check them out, buy some tunes! Enjoy!

Lady Sings The Blues DJ Set List

30 songs; 2 hours, 3 mins and 58 seconds.

  1. Joe Bonamassa – Dislocated Boy (Not a blues woman, but was a prerequest before my set started, so figured I would let him open up for the ladies :))
  2. Sippie Wallace – Women Be Wise
  3. Etta James – Dust My Broom
  4. Big Mama Thorton – Hound Dog
  5. Janis Joplin – Me and Bobby McGee
  6. Rory Block – Cross Road Blues
  7. Bonnie Rait – The Road’s My Middle Name
  8. Debbie Davis – Blues Woman
  9. Ruthie Foster – Runaway Soul (this artist is also in the Spotlight here at Duskyillusions.)
  10. Lou Ann Barton – You Can Have My Husband
  11. Samantha Fish – Runaway
  12. Cee Cee James – Black Raven
  13. Cassie Taylor – That’s My Man
  14. Lara Price – Faces of The Blues
  15. Shemekia Copeland – Love Scene
  16. Ana Popovic – Love Fever
  17. Deborah Coleman – Moanin The Blues
  18. Janiva Magness – The Devil is An Angel Too
  19. Sue Foley – Queen Bee
  20. Susan Tedeschi – Angel From Montgomery
  21. Lucinda Williams – Make Me Down a Pallet On Your Floor
  22. Saffire the Uppity Blues Women – Bitch With A Bad Attitude
  23. Chantel McGregor – No Good For You
  24. Trampled Under Foot – Dust My Blues
  25. Lydia Warren Band – Any Different
  26. Shakura S’aida – Brown Sugar
  27. Kellie Rucker – Kiss Me
  28. Roxanne Potvin – Ain’t It A Shame
  29. Eden Brent – Nobody Knows You When You’re Down and Out
  30. Buddy Guy and Tracy Chapman – Ain’t No Sunshine (Anyway I can put Buddy Guy into a blues set I will.. this duet is not only EPIC, but it still kept me in theme… :P)
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