Zachariah Loon AKA Daddy Love, playing in Second Life
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Daddy Love – aka – Zachariah Loon

I am guessing you haven’t heard of Daddy Love have you?  At least not yet…..

Richard ‘Daddy’ Love mixes Blues, Red Dirt Country, Rock-n-Roll & Folk influences with a down-home style of writing and wry sense of humor. From mellow to aggressive driving acoustic guitar to smooth sultry blues licks or rock-n-roll on an electric guitar with tubey tones. Thoughtfully serious to tongue-in-cheek Daddy’s songs take you on a roller coaster ride – hang on!    Quoted from his website.


I am a fan, and a friend. Check out his webpage for more information and a preview of his tunes. I would also like to point out that he writes his own songs, my favorite being “Damn 9 Volt Battery”.
Article about Daddy Love on The Oklahoma Daily Entitled Local Songwriters Come Together For Passion

Zachariah Loon at Cuddlers Cove – Damn! 9-Volt Battery

Yes I was at this show! I tend to be found at ALL Zach’s live shows in SL. Video is copyright rpbizzle (Robert69 Little).

Off Second Life video of Zach Live from Second Wind Coffee House March 6, 2009 – “Daddy’s New Ride” Video and Music copyright @ Daddy Love – aka – Zachariah Loon.


  1. Sabryne says:

    ZACH ROCKS! He is awesome!

  2. Zach Plays Kickass Tunes!!!

  3. Bri says:

    Yes, yes he does. 🙂 Not to mention the way he can rebuild a guitar… OMG… the Briocaster sounded bad ass the other night, and not even finished being overhauled yet. 🙂

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