Zachariah Loon AKA Daddy Love, playing in Second Life

I am guessing you haven’t heard of Daddy Love have you?  At least not yet…..

Richard ‘Daddy’ Love mixes Blues, Red Dirt Country, Rock-n-Roll & Folk influences with a down-home style of writing and wry sense of humor. From mellow to aggressive driving acoustic guitar to smooth sultry blues licks or rock-n-roll on an electric guitar with tubey tones. Thoughtfully serious to tongue-in-cheek Daddy’s songs take you on a roller coaster ride – hang on!    Quoted from his website.


I am a fan, and a friend. Check out his webpage for more information and a preview of his tunes. I would also like to point out that he writes his own songs, my favorite being “Damn 9 Volt Battery”.
Article about Daddy Love on The Oklahoma Daily Entitled Local Songwriters Come Together For Passion

Zachariah Loon at The Merry Pranksters ** If my dad comes home **

Video is copyright Drutim Bates.

Off Second Life video of Zach Live from Second Wind Coffee House March 6, 2009 – “Daddy’s New Ride” Video and Music copyright @ Daddy Love – aka – Zachariah Loon.

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