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5 Of My Most Hated Songs

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Hated songs, we all have them.   I am in a sharing mood, here are some of mine. If I never hear these songs and in one case, an artist again, it will be too soon.
To me, I have the best job in the world… DJ! I love music.. Music is life to me. I need it as much as I need oxygen.

To quote myself, “Djing to me is like breathing.. Have to do it.. Feels good.. it’s like being alive…”

I love to get requests for the most part; love to make people rock their bodies. There is always that one person who will request a certain song and totally throw your whole bad ass, rocking set off….
On to the tunes, shall we? These songs are not in any particular order.

5 of my most hated songs:

1. MACKLEMORE & RYAN LEWIS – THRIFT SHOP FEAT. WANZ – I HATE THIS SONG… Sure it’s catchy. The lyrics are borderline moronic to me. I guess the writers decided to live by the writer’s creedo and write every day, even if it’s crap. I didn’t realize producers had the same creedo of producing every day, even if it’s crap.  Sings, ” It’s just not that Bleeping awesome….”


2.  TAYLOR SWIFT – TEARDROPS ON MY GUITAR and frankly, most of her songs –  She’s adorable! She really is!  She has talent for one so young.  I mean come on folks, this little girl was writing songs in high school if not sooner.  My problem with her is that she whines too much in her lyrics.  She sounds like the typical little princess that didn’t get what she wanted so she has to throw a tantrum. I will give her the fact that she is growing into adulthood and her lyrics are coming up with her. I liked her song I Knew You Were Trouble when it first came out. The only issue I have with it now is that it’s over played and for me.. over requested.


3. ANYTHING BY KE$HA – Umm really? Who let the dog out, literally… She looks like a crack whore to me. Her lyrics are very childish to put it mildly. You know.. if you just mummble some words to every song she has done, they pretty much sound the same… Her voice is grating.. who ever decided she needed a contract to strew her crap around the world must be tone deaf…. My bestie calls her Keesha the Keeshound. I wouldn’t call her that.. it’s a put down to all Keeshounds everywhere!

Keeshound - Ke$ha.. Nuff said?
Keeshound – Ke$ha.. Nuff said?
Both images used are from Wikimedia Commons


4. Justin Bieber – Baby or most of his songs– Ok.. really, I thought it was a girl at first. He was found on YouTube of all places. If producers need talent, I will be more then happy to send them of a list of unsigned musicians. I will give him credit that he works hard. I just really don’t like him. Every time he opens his mouth, the mommy in me wants to put him in time out.


5. Lil Wayne… anything…. – There were a few songs of his that I liked. Drop The World was actually one of my all time favorite songs… UNTIL… He showed his ass and desecrated the flag… I support his first amendment right; the lyrics don’t bother me… Did you know the Constitution states that any degradation of our flag is worthy of 5 years in prison? So you see folks, that is not covered under the 1st Amendment…. it PISSES ME OFF as not only an American but as a soldier. As both an American and a soldier, I also reserve the right to protest…. Lil Wayne, sadly because I actually enjoyed your music, I will no longer be buying your crap and you just made it to the sin bin along with the Dixie Chickens and Wish I Was a Souljia Boy. I will not play your music as a DJ anymore. You just might end up with a CM award for this latest stunt to revive your past dead career. Sure in another article you said “it was an accident….” So if it was an accident, and you know you violated the flag laws, not to mentioned all the people you really offended.. RESHOOT IT… Thank you, drive through.
With that said, I am not even giving him or his music any credit. I will not be adding one of his videos here. If I did, that would make me a hypocrite.

Feel free to share your own hated songs or artists.


  1. Ace says:

    very good choices for hated song

  2. Sabby says:

    They are good choices sissy!

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