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Original post date June 4, 2013. Updated on January 22, 2020.

Guilty pleasures, we all have them.  So.. what are guilty pleasures?  They are defined as

something one enjoys and considers pleasurable despite feeling guilt for enjoying it. The “guilt” involved is sometimes simply fear of others discovering one’s lowbrow or otherwise embarrassing tastes, such as campy styles of entertainment. Fashionvideo gamesmusic,[1]films,[2] and junk food can be examples of guilty pleasures.[3] – source Wikipedia

My List of Guilty Pleasures

1. Scissor Sisters – I Don’t Feel Like Dancing – I love this song. I don’t know why I love it, but it’s often stuck in my head. Life has to stop for a moment so I can sing along and bop to this song. Nothing else exists at that moment, but THIS SONG!! Kids could be screaming, dogs barking, the earth could be quaking, sirens blaring. I DON”T CARE!! That’s as wrong as two boys in a porta-potty on the hottest day of summer; I know this, yet, I am addicted to Andy Gibbs and ABBA’s love child.

2. Bravo’s Real Housewives – *Hangs head in shame* What can I say… Nothing really… It’s nice to see people who are more SCREWED UP THEN ME. Which housewives? Does it matter? OC, BH, Atlanta, NJ, Miami.. pick one… I watch it in the secrecy of my bedroom. It’s hidden in my room like a 16-year-old boy hides his daddy’s playboys. I feel so dirty just admitting this… I quit watching the housewives back in 2017. I couldn’t handle the stupidity anymore.

Guilty Pleasures - Real Housewives Logo
The Real Housewives Logo Wikimedia Commons No infringement intended.

3. Kardashians and JennersShut up already. I know what you people are thinking. BRUCE DOES NOT LOOK LIKE A MUPPET! Now that we have that out of the way. This show is like a train wreck. It’s wrong, you should look away, but you can’t stop watching it! BTW… Khloe is my favorite. Back off her, she’s beautiful, never was fat. She is curvy and very womanly. If you like the stick figures with no boobs or curves, then really, you are into men. JUST SAYING! I haven’t watched it since 2017. Khloe is still my favorite.

Guilty Pleasures - Kardashian-Jenner Family
Kardashian-Jenner Family. Sometimes dysfunctional, but I LOVE THEM ANYWAY

4. Chocolate – Doesn’t matter what kind. White, Dark, Milk, Belgian, Dutch, American. I LOVE THEM ALL!!!!!!!!!!! Chocolate isn’t bad for you in moderation, so I tell myself every time I have some. Also, there is no fat in it IF you close your eyes so you can’t see the calories. 🙂

Guilty Pleasures - Chocolate

5. GAMING – Yes, I am a gamer geek. Remember geek is the new pink, dork is the new black, nerd is the new sexy. I can cut firewood, change a diaper, fix a carburetor, and still roll to hit. When I say gaming, I mean tabletop games like ICE’s Rolemaster, video games, and MMORPGs like Turbine’s LOTRO. I LOVE THEM ALL!!!!!!

6. Men with HIP CLEAVAGE! – Or Adonis belts, Apollo’s belts, whichever you want to call it. Watch the video below if you do not know what I mean… *Stops licking her monitor long enough to get to number 7…*

7. Smoking – Yes… I do it.. shut up. NEXT!  I quit smoking on November 13, 2018

Guilty Pleasures - Smoking
Giorgio Smoking

8. Second Life – I spend more time there then I should, but I do work there also. Besides, where else can you be a Queen and have jousting tourneys at your own kingdom? I still go in but not as often as I did before. Real-life takes up way too much time!

9. Making fun of morons – Ok, I don’t feel guilty, but it is a pleasure, especially when they MAKE IT SO EASY!

Chronically Moronic, Perpetually Stunned Award
Chronically Moronic, Perpetually Stunned Award

10. Ancient Aliens and Giorgio A. Tsoukalos on H2 – IT’S TSOUKALICIOUS!!!! What if aliens visited aliens???!!!! OMG!! Mr. Tsoukalicious is so epic; he’s getting more than one video here. 🙂

Guilty Pleasure - Giorgio Tsoukalos and Ancient Aliens
Giorgio Tsoukalos


Bri K is a mom and grandmother, enjoying the next chapter of her life on the mission of leveling up after 50! Bri doesn't believe that once you hit a certain age or become a grandmother, your likes, hobbies, or lifestyle have to change. "You don't stop living because your kids grew up!"

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