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I am angered by this… I want to give out a CM award to the judge, and her family that decided this is a good idea…. They deserve worse than that, they allowed this girl’s torment at being kidnapped and raped AT KNIFE POINT to continue on… She told her mother she was being beaten since the marriage…. and the only out for her was to take her own life. Her rapist and tormentor should be the one dead, in prison at least like he should have been a year ago. At this point her family and the judge need to be prosecuted, her death is like murder to me, and they participated.

I am saddened by this… As a MOTHER, I am heart broken that this child was raped and tormented… as a mother, I would never have allowed my daughter to marry this man. I would destroy ANY MAN who abused any of my children, and that would include my husband if he allowed it to happen or continue.

As a US Woman, I have a voice. It angers and saddens me that so many women around the world do not. I have seen it, I read about it. It angers me beyond belief. What would her mother have done IF she actually used her voice?

Under Moroccan law, rape is punished by prison sentences of five to 30 years, depending on a range of aggravating circumstances, including the age of the victim. Had the law been applied properly in this case, Mustafa F. would have been charged with “rape of a minor under the age of 18” and, if convicted, would have been sentenced to 10 to 20 years in prison. The public prosecutor failed Amina when he or she did not immediately proceed with an arrest and an investigation.

So why wasn’t the law carried out the way it was written to be? As a mother I WANT ANSWERS. I do not know this child, and yes, she was STILL A CHILD.

The woman who has been raped is often seen as having been shamed—her marriage prospects change radically, and her morals are called into question. In other words, the victim is blamed and the perpetrator is forgotten. “If we married her off,” Amina’s sister Hamida told a Spanish network, “it was to protect her, so that people would not speak ill of her.” The Filali family apparently preferred to sacrifice their daughter’s physical and emotional well-being rather than live with the reminder that she had been raped.

Oh yes… she asked to be kidnapped and raped at knife point by a man she didn’t know… naturally it’s her fault…. for being born with female organs. They wanted to protect her from being reminded she was raped and brutalized by marrying her off to the MAN THAT DID THOSE THINGS? I think a BIG TRUCK LOAD OF MORON dropped on this family for even thinking that was a possibility….

I have so much to say about this incident, but, I am choosing to stop it here. I am angry, I want justice for this child…. her rapist, the judge and her family for KILLING THIS KID!

Rest in Peace Amina Filali. I am so sorry that you were failed by those who should have protected you with their own lives, your parents. You will not be forgotten, and I hope that in your death, it is a reminder for other families and other courts of law about why justice and the law should be followed, religion should be secondary.

Protect your children, they are truly gifts from what ever diety you believe in.

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