Voice Battles


Voice BattlesVoice Battles are here!  I love The Voice, but this is always my favorite part of the show.
If any of you are playing along with The Voice app, you already know how much fun this is. If you aren’t playing along, and you watch the voice, you really should be. Get the App here! I am totally excited to once again be an “at home coach”.

My Team consists of:

  • Nick Hagelin
  • Mary Sarah
  • Bryan Bautista
  • Adam Wakefield
  • Ayanna Jahnee

I feel pretty confident in my choices.

Battles have begun, and I am tracking my steals for just in case. Yes, there will be some spoilers here, so if you haven’t watched tonight’s episode yet, look away!

Let The Voice Battles Begin!



First up, Katie Basden vs. Ryan Quinn, they BOTH nailed it in my opinion. They both deserve to be on the show.
Song: Paul McCartney – “Maybe I’m Amazed”
Adam picked: Ryan
Katie was stolen by Blake, after a steal battle between he and Christina.

Ryan remains in my top 5 pick up list in case one of my team is eliminated.

I love the banter between Christina and Blake so much. WELCOME BACK XTINA!! I have missed you! I will have to say there is nothing cuter than when Blake turns and points… *swoons*


Brittney Lawrence vs. Paxton Ingram, As Blake said, “it’s up to preference.” I like Paxton, he will do well in this compitition. But I loved Brittney’s voice.
Song: Shawn Mendes’ “I Know What You Did Last Summer.”
Blake Picked: Paxton
Brittney was eliminated. BOO!!!!!!!!!!




Bryan Bautista vs. Malik Heard, Bryan is one of my team members! I love Malik also. I just ran out of room on my team. We get 5 picks unlike the 12 the real coaches get!  Both of these gentlemen have the ability to go all the way, they both were perfect in this battle.  I am really glad that unlike Xtina, I didn’t have to make the decision which to keep and which to pass on.  Perfection… simply PERFECTION!
Song: James Brown’s “It’s a Man’s, Man’s, Man’s World.”
Christina Picked Bryan
Three chair steal for Malik! Well done, young man! I pushed that I would steal Malik on my app button. Malik picked Pharell as his coach. As much as I love Blake Shelton, I think Pharell was the right choice. Blake still can’t say his name right!! LOL

Stay tuned for more tomorrow, and don’t forget that you can stop into Itunes and get any of the songs you have heard tonight! Support your unsigned artists every chance you get!


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