Sims 4 Island Challenge

Finally was able to make more cash, Edgar’s been selling his paintings for 600 plus a shot!  I also got lucky and had some nodes pop up on my parcel that we sold off.  I want to point out that starting a painting costs money.  Just in case you didn’t realize that!

Got a cheap desk and cheap computer!  I am working on the Luddite goal, so only bought it to keep my geeks happy.

Sims 4 Island Challenge
Happy Geeks!

Since I have plans on “repopulating the world”, and also doing the Lothario Fun, I started building up some walls and bought a better bed.  They wouldn’t woohoo in public and the shower is a cheapie, so they won’t use that either. J  The other thing about the Lothario fun, you can’t leave the lot, so therefore you can’t have a date…  My next purchase goal, besides another bed, is a space ship kit.  Maybe go for the VICTORY fun.

Sims 4 Island Challenge
Apartments still in progress… still can’t get stairs yet 😛

Been a lot of rinse and repeat… but lots of fun thus far… been building private apartments for them to sleep in.  They are all becoming good friends, best friends, etc.  Will make it  easier to start the romance portions. I can’t afford to do the stairs  yet -.-

Lothario fun update:  Kim kinda messed that up when she saw Gorgio flirting with Annie…. She got JEALOUS! (Annie Pots and Giorgio were flirting in front of her! THE HORROR!!)

Sims 4 Island Challenge

Sims 4 Island Challenge

Finally enough money to put in the stairs.. they also got a community kitchen with stove, sink and fridge!

I have reached the have a home worth 50K, now to gain artwork… Start painting Edgar! *note*  The artwork has to be DISPLAYED to count for this aspiration.  You can’t just have it in inventory or family inventory.  It’s also sad that I have a home value of 50K and I don’t even have anything on the walls but drywall, and no roof yet! LOL

Everyone aged up to adult the same day.  I need more paintings to finish the aspiration goal!!


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