Sims 4 Island Challenge

This post is image based as it is a story board of sorts!

Most of the time was spent gardening, repairing things, selling those off, rinse and repeat.  Now.. you can NOT order seeds on the phone or with the mailbox.. you must either have a computer or one of the two types of pots.  I bought the cheapie in order to buy seeds.

Sims 4 Island Challenge
Garden Pot for buying seeds


Adrianna putting the garden in.. I think Jason has a crush on her!


Annie was helpful at the beginning….

I had forgotten to buy a trash can.. so this was the scene around the place…



As soon as you can, buy an outdoor trash can and nix the indoor ones….. That didn’t work out too well.  Couldn’t empty it anywhere, best to just cut out the middle man!

Need an outdoor trashcan to empty the full one!
This bigger trashcan helped until I could afford an outdoor one!


I got rid of the uncomfortable beds… they were sleeping on the floor just as uncomfortably in the cheap beds.  Selling those off, I managed to be able to buy an easel for Edgar to start painting on.  Even with just those few items, bills came out to 808 bucks… leaving me with 500 of the 1300 I had earned selling paintings, parts and garden harvests.  Adrianna has managed to evolve all her plants into very nice quality!

Better Changes for Game Play... and Jason helping Adrianna water her garden
Better Changes for Game Play… and Jason helping Adrianna water her garden


Adrianna’s pretty garden!


Adrianna working hard!

Other fun things that happened thus far:



Even though her roomies were sleeping at her feet.. Kim couldn’t hold it…… I guess we know one thing Kim is good at…. 🙂


AHHH!! Kim walked in on Jason in the shower… boy was she embarrassed! Giorgio thought it was funny.


Poor Flo.. she was so exhausted after getting out of the shower, she fell asleep naked on the lawn…. no shame…


Passin out after getting out of bed!


Tired and cranky people!


More Socializing!


Admiring Edgar’s Art


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