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Sims 4 Island Challenge Part 5

This post is image based as it is a story board of sorts!
I finally finished the challenge….

By the time I reached the final goal.. I had 5,400 bucks… 3 marriages…


  • Adrianna and Edgar
  • Flo and Kayne
  • Kim and Giorgio
Adrianna and Edgar… Ain’t his paintings lovely!
Adrianna and Edgar after whoohooin
Flo and Kayne
Flo N Kayne after WHOOHOOO….
Kim and Giorgio
Kim and Giorgio after yet another WHOOHOOO

All were adults.



Normal life span:  1

Luddite: 2


Mood Apathetic 4

Unique aspirations completed: 3


Freelance Botanist:

  •  Nature walker
  • Garden Variety


Painter Extraordinaire

  • Ill at Easel

Total Points:  14

Lot on finish of challenge!


This is not the end!  I have set some other fun goals for myself with this challenge as written in the back story.  I have to work on repopulating the planet…. You can only have 8 sims living on a lot, but that’s OK!  Flo, Adrianna, and Kim are conspiring to kill off Annie, the little home wreckin ho!   She could easily have Jason, the only other single person on the island, but yet she has to try to whoo hoo all three of the married men!  I guess her mentality is no strings, all the fun?


Annie the home wrecker, flirting yet again with Kayne… Check out Flo’s expression!


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