Door to Door Organics

Fridays are the BEST day ever for me.  Why you ask? That’s when my Door To Door Organics orders get delivered to my front door by the most EPIC person, Jeremiah.

What is Door to Door Organics? “Door to Door Organics partners with farmers to bring fresh, organic produce and natural groceries right to your doorstep.”

How does it work? You pick a box size, ranging from bitty to large, and the types of produce you want; all fruits, all veggies or combo. You can also order other things from their shop to add to your order, such as meats, dairy products, more produce, etc. I personally buy my coconut oils from them, they have the best prices.

I also like the fact that they recycle the packaging each week. That’s a big PLUS for our environment.

Some people may think that this is the expensive way to go, just hop into your car and go to the store… Comparing prices, from say Walmart, I am paying the same prices for ORGANIC, NON GMO, etc and having it delivered to me for around the same price I could get NON ORGANIC, and GMO laden crap from Walmart. Even though the prices are good at my local Whole Foods Market, ordering from Door to Door Organics saves me money in gas to go all the way across town. My Whole Foods trip are once a month and I do the rest of my shopping and augment my supply.

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