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It’s been a long while since I did a Songs of the moment post, I felt it was about time to do another.  Now remember the rules of the Songs of the moment posts: that moment can last months, and it can include songs of multi genres and older songs.   Here is my current “I can’t hear enough tunes”. The songs stuck in my head and repeat hit over and over again… No particular order of preference, they are all equal in my book.

Let’s continue!

1. Halestorm – Apocalyptic: Been waiting patiently for Halestorm to put out new tunes!!  This is their first single off of their upcoming album, to be released April 7, 2015, To The Wild Life.  This song rocks hard and showcases Lzzy’s voice beautifully.

2. Taylor Swift – Blank Space:  A catchy tune from her latest album, 1989, and my favorite from the album.

3. Blake Shelton – Neon Light: You all had to see this one coming! The Crown Prince of Country Music is often running through my head… I have worn out his latest album Bringing Back The Sunshine so much, I had to get a new copy.  I really think this is his best album to date, which is tough to say, considering I am a major fan.

4. Foo Fighters – Something From Nothing: Fresh off the November 10th release, Sonic Highways. Just like Mr Grohl, this song runs through my head constantly. You can’t help to sing a long, and let your body start moving.

5. Marianas Trench – Pop 101 ft. Anami Vice:  I am a Trencher… shoutin it out LOUD AND PROUD!  And have been since the first time I heard “Shake Tramp” from their Fix Me album.  This song is their first release off their new album Astoria. Release date still to be determined!  

6. Usher – She Came To Give It To You ft. Nicki Minaj: Second single release from his to be announced 8th album. This song, is funky and soul full, makes you dance in your seat, and again, you can’t help but sing it CONSTANTLY!

7. VNV Nation – Retaliate: From their 2013 album Transnational, this song rocks in an electronic kind of way, and is often one of my most hit repeat on songs.

8. Etta James – Sugar On The Floor: From the late, great Ms. Etta James. Ms Etta is often in my own personal play lists. The last few months, I have been listening to it on repeat. Maybe I am feeling nostalgic? 🙂

9. Volbeat – The Nameless One: From the 2013 album Outlaw Gentlemen & Shady Ladies, this tune is my all time favorite Volbeat song. This song will continue lyrically in another “tale” on their upcoming album! I can’t wait for that! I a giving you this song LIVE!

10. KEEL – Because The Night: Ok.. yes, I admit… I still have a love for the 80’s hair bands I grew up with in highschool. KEEL was one of my favorite bands back in the 80’s and I still love their music today. In my not so humble opinion, their greatest album was The Final Frontier, and I still have my original vinal album from 1986! BTW.. did you all know that Keel front man, Ronnie Keel was doing country now?

Links to artists websites:

If you have enjoyed these songs, check out the artist’s websites and BUY their music.  Remember, most tracks cost less then a cup of coffee.

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