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I have been really busy off the computer the last few days to post anything, but while I was away, I have been listening to a lot of music.  As I was listening and doing my real life thing… I thought of a perfect post to come back to….  Best Rock Male Vocalists currently in my not so humble opinion.
My Criteria for being picked to be put on this list:

  • They have to sound as good live as they do after they come out of the studio.
  • These vocalists are also CURRENTLY recording.
  • As much as I love the deep husky, screaming, they also MUST be able to SING too.

These gentlemen are not in any particular order of preference.

Best Rock Male Vocalists Currently

Brent Smith of  Shine Down –   I have seen him a few times since they started touring, and each time, Brent sounds better and better each performance.

And if you didn’t think that was good enough, here is another that was done totally unplugged in some lucky fans house.

Corey Taylor of Slipknot and Stone Sour –  Anyone who knows me knows what a Corey fan girl I am.  The range this man has is awe striking.  He can go from screaming to a beautiful harmonious range. Corey is just a BRILLIANT artist. I picked a video that is NOT one of his typical songs. I wanted to show his versatility. I wish he would sing more Blues!!!!

And one more because I can! 🙂

Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters and Nirvana –   Again, call me a fan girl, I will take it.  It’s with good reason that I am.  This man is talented not just vocally….   Song writer, movie directory… Did you know he plays 7 instruments?

And another 🙂

Jonny Hetherington of Art Of Dying – I play Art of Dying often during my rock sets, they are just bad ass all around. I have seen them live, and Jonny’s voice always grips me deep to my soul, especially on songs like “Completely” and “Inside it’s Raining”.

Chris Cornell of Soundgarden and Audio Slave, to name a few –I adore his gritty voice, not to mention his range.

And a live classic we all know and love so well!

Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails – I adore Trent… His voice makes me happy in more ways than we will discuss. I got all happy the first time I heard his new song “Come Back Haunted” from his to be released in September album, Hesitation marks

Ivan Moody of Five Finger Death Punch –Surprised to see him here? Ivan can carry a tune in a bucket! I love listening to his voice unplugged or live in concert.

Myles Kennedy of Alter Bridge and others – I have a debate with a few other DJs about Myle’s voice… I happen to love it live. I also happen to like his cover of Jeff Buckley’s “Hallelujah”.

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4 Thoughts on “Best Rock Male Vocalists”

  • I love this post. I look forward to hearing more from these artists! Blackbird blew me away!

    • Myles does a great job as a vocalist, including that song. You should take a listen to his cover of Jeff Buckley’s “Hallelujah”. In my not so humble opinion, it’s brilliant. Thank you for posting!

  • beautiful post , Amazing artists love their voices and performances , look forward to hearing all their new recordings

  • No particular order of appearance though Mr Grohl still should have been on 1 ;)… just my opinion 😛
    Ohh and Eddie needs more Eddie Vedder… and cowbell.
    But otherwise sweet list, all the tops

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