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Lots of great Album releases for April 2014!   A lot of them I have been excited about and enjoyed getting the DJ promos into my box.  This is not a conclusive listing… these are the ones I had been waiting to get my hot little hands on.  Many artists have had new releases this month.

April 29th for the US, folks!! Mark it on your calendar!! Lindsey Stirling Shatter Me Album comes out!  I am excited, this is the ONE album I have been waiting to pick up… I have already heard “Shatter Me” Ft Lzzy Hale from Halestorm… You haven’t yet? Play the video, now you have! Your ears will be happy with you. Your eyes are going to love it too. In my not so humble opinion, this is THE BEST supporting video of a song for 2014… creative, brilliant effects, fits the song, and to top it all off… STEAMPUNK!


One of the albums I had looked forward to for a while was Chevelle’s La Gárgola, released April 1.  “Taking Out the Gunman” has to be my current favorite song on this album, as I have been telling people when I DJ.  I am also enamored with the song Hunter Eats Hunter, which is quickly becoming one of my songs of the moment.  My brother, Andy J had mentioned this song reminded him a lot of Tool… ok, so it does… I LOVE IT!


The Used also put out a new album this month… Imaginary Enemy.  Sharing one of my favorite tracks from this new album.


John Frusciante also released the album Enclosure. Great stuff! “Fanfare” is my favorite track on this album.


Do you have any favorite albums released this month? Please share your thoughts and your answer below!

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