T.S. Eliot/John Gardner killer exercise

Write 20 Prompts in 10 minutes.
The purpose of this exercise is to come up with 20 opening sentences for a potential story. It helps alleviate writer’s block. I have a notebook full of these and do these exercises often when I can’t sleep or just do not seem to have a creative thought in my head. This is my newest list, and I do have ideas already fleshed out for a few of them. The ones I am using are in purple. If you are interested in using one for your own story, let me know. I would love to read it!

Writing Prompt Exercise, my latest

1. There was a strange wailing sound coming from the next room
2. Life was good, until this moment
3. If this is what being dead was like, it sure beats living
4. It was up to me to find out how Elizabeth died
5. George entered the subway
6. The autumn leaves fell around me
7. A squealing noise from down the street awoke me from my dream
8. I pulled my sword, turning my head slightly to look behind me
9. The ground quaked as he walked
10. The sound of waves crashing against rocks as I came back into….
11. “Did you see that?” I asked as I turned around to…
12. The bird lay silently on the ground; he moved his wing as I walked toward him.
13. “I swear I know what I saw!” He exclaimed, his eyes filled with fear….
14. The silence was deafening as I got out of my car
15. A German shepherd is as loyal as any companion you could ever ask for.
16. The tackle box lay open on the ground, my father’s lures strewn about the floor
17. Memories flooded my mind as I drove down the lane to my father’s house.
18. The smell of jalapeno’s wafted through the air, the mariachis stood there, dumb founded at the scene.
19. The texted message said “You are next”
20. The Troll stood upon the hill, looking down at the site below him

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2 Thoughts on “Writing Prompt Exercise”

  • That looks like a great exercise! It opens up many ideas. I haven’t written anything in ages. I should try this out!

    • Yes, you really should start writing again. I enjoyed some of the things you have shared with me over the years. Start doing the exercises with me. 😛

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