Mind Flow - A Deep Gaze
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Mind Flow – A Deep Gaze

I try to write something every day, even if it is crap. I look through brilliant photos around the web to draw inspiration from. I found this one that inspired me. I am not putting it on the website, as the rules of use are not clear. You can take a look at the brilliant photo at the website I found it from.
The photographer’s name is Lauri Laukkanen and it rightly made the photo of the week.

Don’t know what a mind flow is?  It’s something I have been doing for years that I started doing during my Advanced creative writing courses in high school.  You think of a topic, use a photo or other inspiration and you sit and write what ever comes to your mind for a set time.  It’s all about the thought processes that was stimulated from that inspiration you picked.  Spelling and grammar are not important during these, and often the results of the mind flow are pretty much crap.  The benefits you do get from doing this is that you clear your mind of negative criticism of yourself and your writing ability, it often helps alleviate writer’s block,  and sometimes, these can give you ideas for your next full piece.

I wrote this during a bad migraine that I have had now for two days. I think it came out pretty well considering.  I gave myself 5 minutes to write it.

Mind Flow - A Deep Gaze

When you look into my eyes, what do you see? Do you merely see your reflection staring back at you through murky depth? Do you see my soul, my thoughts, or heart? Do you see the pain or happiness? Can you see who I am?

Words can be misleading, but one’s eyes tell a tale that cannot be hidden. The eyes tell the truth that the heart does not want to hear. Life, death, happiness, sorrows….. The “windows to the soul” tell a tale the possessor cannot express, emotions are clear.

My face and expression are hidden, yet you can read my story… through my eyes a novel can be written or assumed. My eyes look back at you, as you stare into the murky depth of my soul…. Curiosity fills my mind as you ponder… My face and expression still blank and hidden…. You know my story.

Mind flow by Bri K


  1. Sabryne Rhode says:

    That is one powerful photograph by that lady. I like the words and thoughts it inspired you to write.

    1. Thank you! And yes, the photo is brilliant all around. Even with a migraine, it was very inspirational as a powerful image.

  2. So nice to see how my photo has inspired your writing! Love the whole “mind flow” concept! 😀 Would it be okay for me to share this short story of yours on my FB-page?


    1. Hi, Lauri! I would be honored. I am glad you liked the writing, your photo really struck me in a heart felt way.

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