Sims 4 Traditional Starter

Sims 4 Traditional Starter Deets

Lot Type: Residential
Size: 20X15
Value: 13,677
Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 1
Origin ID: BriNJar Thangwen
Lot Traits: Gnomes, Fast Internet, Teen Neighborhood (Lot traits can be changed to suit your game.)
Packs used: Base Game Only

A Sims 4 Traditional starter with tv, computer, and bookshelf to build up skills. Eat-in at the bar, and room for a separate dining room as you go! #nocc #nomods #nomoo #Sims4BlockParty

To download it, search Origin ID BriNJar Thangwen in the Sims 4 community in your game!


Sims 4 Traditional Starter
Front of the house
Back of the house
Traditional Starter Floor Plan

Area behind the bar where you can add a small dining area.

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