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Tarja… the moment that name is uttered, the majority of music lovers instantly know who you are speaking of. There are not many singers that can pull off just one name, and not many are as deserving.

In case you are among the few out there who do not know the name, I am speaking of Tarja Turunen, former and original front woman of Nightwish (1996 – 2005), who is having an epic solo career as we speak.

Voice of an Angel

A Light Lyric Soprano, Ms Turunen has a 3 octave range, making her capable of reaching the mezzo-soprano, contralto and coloratura soprano registers. She can also go from opera to ROCK in zero to 60, as many Nightwish fans can attest to. (Symphonic metal at it’s finest!)

Check out this video that shows her ranges, F3-G#6

Favorite Tarja Songs

Here are a few songs I love. If you have never heard of Tarja before, give your ears a treat. Remember, if you enjoy any of the songs featured, please remember to buy them! Support the music!

My all time favorite song, “I Feel Immortal” from her 2010 album What Lies Beneath.

Duet with the equally as epic Sharon den Adel, off Within Temptation’s newest album, released 2013 Hydra, “Paradise (What About Us?)”.

My all time favorite Nightwish song, “I Wish I Had An Angel”.

With Nightwish – Phantom Of The Opera Live

Showing her incredible range singing “Ave Maria”. Tarja… lovely Tarja… you remind me that there really are angels in this world. You have the voice of one.

Tarja’s spin on Metallica’s “The Unforgiven”

Tarja on The Web

Tarja Turunen Official Website

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3 Thoughts on “Tarja Turunen – In The Spotlight”

  • Nightwish was always a fav of mine too as ya know, same as within temptation. Sharon and her together is just goosebumps! Lol
    Whenever I hear Ava Maria I think of Bobby McFerrin’s version and same now with Unforgiven, the bluegrass band Iron Horse has a few awesome covers of metallica and other bands.
    Once more Tarja voice is haunting in its range and I think we will see lots more of her.

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