Happy New Year Everyone!  I love winter, and I am always glad to see the Yule Fest and winter fun show up in LOTRO; I also enjoy making winter outfits!  This is one of the outfits I made for my Heralds of the Raven CO Leader, Jasminerose.  She leads the HoR Kin on Crickhollow and will pose as our Snow-Beast Minstrel.

Snow-Beast Minstrel
Jasminerose rolled into Misty Mountains on her trusty goat, Ajax

Snow-Beast Minstrel

Snow-beasts as far as the eye could see! (I love the detail on this cloak. From the teeth to the fur. The boots are really awesome, too!)

Snow-Beast Minstrel

All pieces were left the default color except for the gloves.

Snow-Beast Minstrel

Music really calms the savage snow-beast...

Snow-Beast Minstrel Pieces

  • Back: Horned Snow-beast Cloak (Yule Festival since 2012. You must complete The More The Merrier Tier 3 to barter for it.)
  • Chest: Woodsman's Supple Jacket (Medium Armor, Selectable Reward for the quest Retaking Riverwatch from Grimbold of Grimslade, Grimbold's camp. Level 74)
  • Hands: Leather Gauntlets of the Leaping Stag (Dyed Walnut Brown Medium Armor, Selectable Reward for the Quest Finding an Old Friend from Elain at Lhan Tarren, Dunland. Level 65)
  • Feet: Snow-Beast Boots (Yule Festival since 2012. You must complete The More The Merrier Tier 3 to barter for it.)
  • Ajax: Prized Nimble Redhorn Goat (Iron Garrison Miners Kindred Rep. Purchased from Kettil in the Twenty-first Hall)
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