Self Interview Exercise
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Self Interview Exercise

I love to write, I love to do exercises, but sometimes the same ones over and over get a little boring and actually hinder my creative flow. One of the sites I stumbled on recently, Toasted Cheese has some fun, not so normal exercises to do. I thought I would start with the “A Self-Interview Guide for the Writer”. Here you have it, a self-interview exercise.

Ribbed for her pleasure – An Interview With Myself

Self Interview Exercise
Interviewing Myself
  • Are you a “real” writer?  That would depend on your definition of “real” writer. Am I making millions and have best sellers? No. Do I write every day and enjoy it? Yes. My definition of a “real” writer is one who actually writes.
  •  So what exactly do you write? I write short stories, poems, comic books, satire posts, reviews, and recipes.
  • Where can I read your work? You can find my works on my website currently. They can also be found un-shown to anyone on my computer, in various notebooks, and my camera bag.
  •  Do you have a day job? Not anymore, I used to.
  •  Have you published anything? I have had a few poems published as well as a few short stories. Nothing on the best sellers list yet.
  • Don’t you want to be published? Of course, wouldn’t you?
  •  Does your family know you do this? Of course, my family knows I write. They encourage it.
  • How do you find the time to write? I sit down somewhere, look at my clock and yell “I FOUND IT!”
  • Where do you write? I can write anywhere. I write lying in bed at night, I write something in the bathroom, I write in the parking lot. Anywhere I can safely find a moment to jot something down, I do.
  • Are you one of those people I see at Starbucks? If you are referring to the ones that are over caffeinated and pulling their hair out… Then yes… That’s me!
  • What’s your biggest challenge as a writer? My biggest challenge as a writer is dialogues. Those are not my best points but they are a work in progress.
  • What is your creative process? I really don’t think I have a creative process as in a ritual type thing. Creativity can hit me at any time; a photograph I just found or taken, a person walking down the street, an idea that pops in my head and pushes me awake at 3 in the am. I write those ideas down to flesh out later.
  • Do you have a good luck charm? No, I personally do not. I believe ‘luck’ is one’s perception of circumstances going on at the time.
  • I got this great idea for a novel. Maybe you could—you know—ghostwrite it with me? I am sure your idea is brilliant, but the only person I ghost write for currently is one of my own characters.
  • Do you write about people you know? Yes, I do write about people I know at times. There are times when I realize a character in one of my stories fits someone close to me or someone who I am upset with at the time of their creation.
  • Can I be in your story? You already are.
  •  What writers do you read? I read many writers from many eras and genres. Poe, Tolkien, Patterson, George R.R. Martin to name a few.


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  1. Sabryne Rhode says:

    I really like the self interview. It gives insight to your writing whims and how you get the time!

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