Tator Tot Taco Pie - Out of the Oven

I have always been what my family refers to as the “Goddess of toss together casseroles”. Working mom, didn’t always get a chance to get to the store.. OMG I NEED TO FEED MY KIDS! With some creativity, you can turn anything you have on hand in your pantry, fridge or freezer into a quick, kid friendly meal.

Tator Tot Taco Pie

Tator Tot Taco Pie, plated by itself.

I am going to apologize for the photos. For some reason my camera batteries did not charge. I took these with my cellphone and they are not the best. This idea came from the fact that I still had a bunch of home made tator tots in the freezer, a pound and a half of ground beef in my fridge, AND what kid doesn’t like tacos? Not to mention, it was a quickie… low prep and cook time, plus they were happily eating with in half an hour. I could sit back and enjoy my coffee.

I served this with left over cucumber and onion salad for a balanced meal. I am only showing the straight out of the pan finished pieced here.

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4 thoughts on “Tator Tot Taco Pie

  1. That sure does sound good, will have to try it though I will first have to make tater tots. They aren’t known here we have Hash browns but I know they are different to TT’s. Could do with a few mushrooms though ;).
    If I get a chance to make it I’ll let you know

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