Lotro Inventory Bags Customization

LOTRO Inventory Bag Customization Tutorial

Recently one of my kinnies asked me how they could make ONE BIG BAG… like he saw on another person’s video.  There was a great plugin that USED to work, but with the changes Turbine made in update 13, a plug in was no longer needed.

Let’s go over a few things.

LOTRO Inventory Bag Options

We have 4 options to play with.

  1.  Store button – clicking this will auto open the LOTRO Store.
  2.  Edit Cog Wheel – Click on the cog wheel to edit your bag slots.  Your slotless bags will ONLY show up in edit mode .  As you can see in the image, once in edit mode, your slots highlight.  You simple grab a slot with your mouse, and pull it into another bag.
  3. Lock Toggle –  I love this feature.  Clicking it allows you to lock and unlock items in your bag.  Very handy when you don’t always remember or don’t know about the hot keys to lock and unlock your items. (Alt-Left Click on an item, Ctrl T to lock and unlock).  Not to mention this handy toggle button makes it much easier to do it quickly on mass items.
  4. Rearrange – This allows you to auto rearrange your inventory where Turbine thinks things should go.  I do this on occassion, but as you can see in my bags in the below image, i like to keep my food, tomes and scrolls and potions in bag 2, neatly ordered.

How to resize your bags

Simply drag the ridged area out, push it in.. you can make your bag larger, smaller, fatter, skinnier.

Now that we have the basics out of the way, let’s look at just a couple options you can set up.

Turn a bag into a quick slot

  • First go to edit mode.
  • Either empty a bag to 2 rows of 5, or pull 2 rows of 5 into an empty bag. (You can add more than 2, but this tutorial… :P)

  • Stretch your bag out using the bumpy side until you have a row of 10 slots.

  • Turn off edit mode, drag your items into your new “quick slot” and place where you want it to live.


Simply drag all your bag slots into bag one in edit mode. Size to your heart’s content. Simple as that!

Need more help or have any questions? Have some extra tips to share? Let us know in the comments below. Want to check out LOTRO?

Bri K

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  1. Sabryne says:

    Great tutorial! I did not know how to turn the bag into a quick slot for some items. Thank you!

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