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Blog Spring Cleaning 2

Blog Spring Cleaning and Some Changes

I am not dead; I have been AWOL, sorta. While I haven’t made any new posts to the site, I have been working under the hood. Spring cleaning around your home is essential, but...

Dusky Illusions - Life with Bri K site logo. 3

Blog Design – Dusky Illusions Makeover

Blog design and Website design is something I have an easy time doing for other people; but when I do it for myself, I am never happy with anything I do. I owe the...

Website Optimization - frustrated baby 1

Website Optimization – The Perfect Struggle

Website Optimization to me has been a struggle since I switched from the traditional website to WordPress. I have been striving so hard for perfection, and get almost there, but end up ripping my...

Niche Creativity 1

Niche – To Niche or Not.. That Is The Question

Niche Or Not I have spent years trying to “niche” myself here on Dusky Illusions…. I was actually worried about it. I have a blog for gaming and RPGs, I have a blog for...