I have mentioned before that I am renovating my house in my post Happy New Year and my Goals for 2018. It is an ongoing work in progress as I continue to rip out drywall in each room and complete major “must dos” first. My decor style is coastal cottage with elements of Steampunk (nautical and industrial over Victorian), and Farmhouse. I budgeted for six home decor DIY projects to do this year, and currently, have one project completed.

I realize the majority of these projects are Shanty 2 Chic, but those two ladies know my brain. If you haven’t checked out their website yet, you really should. You may find something over there you want to build too. I have a list of projects they have created that I want to build.

My 6 Home Decor DIYs To Do in 2018

I plan on making one of these wall organizers for my breezeway, but also for my guest bathroom. This project is perfect for bathrooms with limited storage, and who doesn’t need more storage? The hooks can be used to hold a hanging basket of toiletries, a guest bathrobe. The baskets can be used to keep other supplies and rolled towels in.

Get the plans for the Wall Organizer @ Shanty2Chic

I love this idea for my craft room. It’s affordable to make, stylish, and functional. The wall hanging would also be pretty used as it is in the representation image; a simple piece of artwork.

Source from roominspiration_diy Instagram. No website link known.

I plan on replacing all of my old wall hanging open cabinets with shelving like this. Since I am doing farmhouse steampunk in the majority of my house, I will be using metal pipe instead of the beautiful metal brackets in the representation image.

Source: Shanty2Chic. I am going to start with their DIY Floating Shelf plans.

I have been contemplating building a desk similar to this for a while. I am still considering it. The more I look at it, the more I love it. I may only end up building the shelves above the desk instead of the whole thing, but we shall see what the rest of the year holds.

Source: SewCraftyFarmhouse Instagram. No website Link Known.

Early October 2018, I will begin renovating the room I plan on using for a dining room. Currently, I am storing furniture in it that my daughter had to leave behind. I plan on having this beautiful wall rack built, and ready to go in its new home by then.

Get the plans for this DIY Plate Rack @ Shanty2Chick

The 1 Home Decor DIY I Have Completed

I made two of these beauties for my common area bathroom. I haven’t hung them up yet. I still have a lot to do with the reno. I will post photos after the bathroom is finished and I am happy with it.

Get the plans for this DIY Storage Mirror @ Shanty2Chick

Your turn!

We all deserve to have beautiful homes that show our style and that we live there. What DIY projects are you interested in doing this year? Let me know in the comments below.

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