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The Sims 4 Block Party Challenge!

I started to rebuild the Sims 4 worlds and then found this challenge, The Sims 4 Block Party Challenge! Since I was already in the process of doing this, I thought I would go ahead and play along!

I have revamped this page and will list my builds by the neighborhood/world they are in. Stay tuned for the new revamped pages.

The Sims 4 Block Party Challenge Rules:

1. There must be two starter homes (costing $20,000 or less) in the town

2. There should be one park, though were you decide to put it is up to your discretion, it does NOT need to be on that large lot in the middle of town.

3. There should be at least four other community lots in the town, though what types of community lots they are, is completely up to you.

4. At least one house needs to be a large-scale mansion (costing at least $200,000)

5. If you choose to upload the lots to the gallery use the hashtag #Sims4BlockParty so that people interested in the challenge can find the lots quickly. I also might use this as a way to highlight lots that I particularly liked on the site!


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