List of links to some of my favorite sites on the web. I am not responsible for content if you happen to take a look at them. This list is continually growing.

Links to Friend’s Websites

Links List

  • WithershinsSL – not your regular SL blog – Personal blog of Corvus Szpiegel, sharing SL photography.
  • Allusions – Sabryne Rhode’s SL Clothing Store Blog
  • Daddy Love’s Music – Richard ‘Daddy’ Love mixes Blues, Red Dirt Country, Rock-n-Roll & Folk influences with a down-home style of writing and wry sense of humor. From mellow to aggressive driving acoustic guitar to smooth sultry blues licks or rock-n-roll on an electric guitar with tubey tones. Thoughtfully serious to tongue-in-cheek Daddy’s songs take you on a roller coaster ride – hang on!
  • Astria Porta – Info about Stargates in the Metaverse, including links to all of them inworld.
  • Rock Candy Fashion – Rock Candy is all about shaking things up, mixing up fashion and bringing it right to your computer screen. Whether you want every day casual looks or gothic hardcore in your face style, you’ll find it right here.
  • CME – My brother’s music, concert and entertainment site!  One of the original  Second Life Tribute Band companies since July 17, 2008!
  • Prominence – A Science-Fiction adventure game – My brother’s game is finally out! You can buy it on Steam, or at their website. Check it out!

Links to Blog’s I Read

Links - Read!!

  • Bad Eagle – For American Indian Patriots, and others that share the love of the United States Of America.  David passed away March 11, 2014.  I am keeping this link here.
  • Ultimate Guide to WordPress Functions and Theme Anatomy  – From Before you start “digging under your hood”, head over to their website and ” familiarize yourself with the basic anatomy of a WordPress theme.
  • First Site Guide – An Intro to Blogging.  Free PDF for you to download and read. “The guide is an introduction to mastering the art of blogging. It provides easy to follow steps to start, maintain, and grow your blog.”  Some of the net’s top bloggers have contributed their knowledge to their guide.  Topics include: setting up your blog, monetizing your blog, how to create content, promoting your blog, and more.  You can also read the “course” right on their website, but I suggest downloading the pdf as a resource to have quickly at your finger tips.
  • 259 West – One of my favorite blogs about blogging and life. She was the inspiration for my site redesign. Fran has a lot of awesome tips, talks about her life, and is an Army wife!  As retired Army, I have to give her props. I have so much respect for military spouses; they have THE HARDEST job in the military. Remember, the military spouse and child also serve.

Links to my favorite music blogs

  • Obscure Sound — Indy, Indy and more Indy.. Includes Interviews and Best of lists.
  • Spinner  – All music, all the time.
  • KingsofAR – The Music Industry Site Where Fresh Faces Get Discovered.
  • Music Blogs
  • Aquarium Drunkard — An Ecletic, Independent audio blog featuring daily music, reviews, features, mp3s, sessions, interviews and more.
  • Invisible Oranges  —  Everything metal, all the time.
  • Buzz — This site highlights a lot of unsigned bands.  Guess what? Some of them you actually know now, Silverspun Pickups just to name one.
  • BLABBERMOUTH.NET — Metal, Metal and More Metal
  • Heavy Metal Addiction — For those who are metal addicted.
  • Metal Underground — Metal… Reviews and Interveiws, join their forum!
  • Twang Nation — Country Music and Americana. Roots, Reveiws and Points of View… Don’t look so surprised, I love country!

Good Finance Articles

LOTRO Crafting Links

Links to other games

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