Artist’s Request for Spotlight

Artist’s request for Spotlight – If you have an artist I need to know about, please contact me using the form below and tell me about them. I love unsigned and local bands/artists, letting me know about them is ALWAYS welcome.

If you would like to see a band featured in the spotlight, you can also drop me a line and let me know.

Artist’s Request For Spotlight

There are a few rules.  I need the following things from you, especially for local/unsigned artists:

  1. Website anywhere that contains band bio and information
  2. Links to music where I can hear the work, YOU TUBE or other videos of the band will work for this.
  3. A place to get images that are LEGAL to use.  I can arrange to have you email them to me IF you are the artist or a representative of the artist.  Permission to use document is appreciated.
  4. No MP3 downloads are allowed to be included UNLESS the artist sends them to me directly and also sends me a permission document for sharing the music.
  5. I reserve the right to contact the band to make sure any mp3s I am being sent are legit and I actually do have the permission to share them with the public.  I do not advocate free, illegal downloading of music and will not be a part of it, thank you very much.  If you enjoy a band’s music, buy it.  A track only costs you about 99 cents on Itunes.  That’s less then a GOOD cup of coffee.

Know an artist or band I should spotlight?