Hi there, I am Bri K.

Since you are here reading this page, you crave a more comfortable, relaxing life. There is just one problem holding you back; there are not enough hours in the day. With children, a job, and housework, there is no time for yourself with the 24 hours you have each day.

Lucky for you, you have stumbled upon the right place. I have made it my mission to share what I have learned while trying to reclaim my life from the rigorous demands of a family and career; along with a laugh or two.

“Mindfulness is the aware, balanced acceptance of the present experience. It isn’t more complicated than that. It is opening to or receiving the present moment, pleasant or unpleasant, just as it is, without either clinging to it or rejecting it.” ~Sylvia Boorstein

Here at Dusky Illusions, you will discover:

  • Tips for your Physical and Emotional Well-being.
  • Why I love and stayed in Colorado after retirement.
  • Tips to make your home life more comfortable and efficient, and get your finances in order.
  • Geeky trends, music, an occasional rant, an insight into my life, and other things I adore.

Why I Started Blogging

I initially started blogging back in the ’90s to force myself to write every day. Blogging also helps me deal with my PTSD. Blogging is an outlet to tune in to that helps me tune out of things that cause me fear and flashbacks, like fireworks that I do not know will go off outside my house, or thunder that sounds like mortar rounds landing in my front yard…

In the course of my evolution as a blogger, I realized that the posts I wrote needed to:

  1. Educate, inform and provide a purpose
  2. Be entertaining and engaging
  3. Inspire others
  4. Promote the sense of community and women uplifting each other.

I created a mission statement to make sure I am sticking to my realizations with the majority of my posts.

I help busy women make sense of their life by providing tips, tricks, and proven hints to help stay on track. Living a mindful life gives you more time for the things you love.

So Who Is Bri K?

  • I am a natural nurturer. I love to help and inspire people, and leave them with a smile.
  • I am a coyote spirit. Not only does the coyote sit at the top of my totem, but he is also my pack animal, and has been my spirit guide through a lifetime thus far. He also defines my personality. I enjoy jokes and fun and dealing with the serious in a laid-back manner. Friends accuse me of educating through my humor, especially when giving advice.
  • I am military.. there goes any chance of 100% PG from me. I try, I do my best, but at times I fail… epically, I might add.
  • I am a mother and now a grandmother. Best job one could ever have IF you feel you must call it a job. I take the title seriously and wear it as a badge of honor.
  • I am a PROUD PFLAG mom and a staunch supporter of the LBGTQ+ Community.
  • I am a music lover, DJ and hack musician. I play ten instruments, some of them well.
  • I am a geek when it comes to pulling out the dice and rolling up a new character, or logging into one of my favorite MMORPGs and mowing down mobs like wheat.
  • I am an artist, as I like to call myself, from traditional arts to photography, to graphics and 3D pixel stuff. I enjoy looking at other artist’s works and am often in awe of the talent out there.
  • I am a writer, mostly poems, and songs that make no sense… I am typo queen, but typos are sometimes a little spice to make things interesting.. depending on the typo.
  • I have a lot to say when the mood strikes me, and have no problem telling you exactly what I think. I sometimes can be tactful, even if that happens by merry accident.
  • I am considered handicapped by most; I do not consider myself handicapped in any sense of the word. Dealing with my losses are merely hurdles that I face every day; and every day, I am one step closer to conquering each obstacle tossed at me on the track we call life. It has been a learning process, to say the least!
  • Moreover, last, but not least, I am a great man’s other half, a sister, a daughter, an aunt and just as importantly, a friend.
  • If you have the need to know even more, read my post “Things You Should Know About Me If We Are Going To Be BFFs.

Website Colophon:

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  • Fonts used are a web-friendly google font, Raleway, web fonts, Palatino Linotype, Book Antiqua, and Palatino, and Playlist Script in the site’s logo.
  • I use Siteground for my web host and have been since 2004. They are reliable, cost-effective with many features, and their 24/7 support is quick, accurate and friendly. I am referring you to Siteground with confidence in their services. If you click the link and sign up, I will get a free month, and you will get a discount.


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