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Tom Buechi - AKA Mance Moonwall
Tom Buechi – AKA Mance Moonwall. Used with permission.

I have had the pleasure of meeting many wonderful musicians in my life. Tom Buechi (pronounced Bee-Kee) is one of my favorites, not only as a musician, but as a friend. Some of you may know him as Mance Moonwall on Second Life. Either way you know him, I know him as one of the most bad ass slide guitar players of all time, not to mention incredible song writer. He can also rip out a MEAN Paul Thorn cover…. I swear the song Burn Down The Trailer Park was written just for Tom.

Tom Buechi – The Man of many talents.

Tom Buechi plays guitar, pianos and keyboards, sings and can pen out one hell of a song, as I have mentioned above. He does a steady rotation of live concerts in Southern California, opening for acts such as David Alan Coe, Al Stewart, and Paul Thorn. He also performs live in Second Life, if you do not live in Southern Cali and have a Second Life account, you can catch him in world.

Tom Buechi – The Music

Tom’s musical styles include Blues, Classic Rock, Southern Rock and Country from the 60’s to present. He also incorporates a loop machine (which allows the guitar parts to be “layered” for a one man band effect) and a vocal harmonizing machine for richer vocals.

His music is played on Butterflies Radio, Indie Spectrum Radio, and Nick Gerard at KJAZZ 88.1 FM in Long Beach, CA has played Homewrecker Blues on his Nothin’ But The Blues program.

You can also listen to him at his website on this page, and check out his calendar.

He has a CD called Living For Today out that you can buy, containing original songs. I own it and listen to it often.

I am sharing two of my most favorite songs that Tom Buechi has written and performed from his Sound Cloud page. Go over and listen to the rest of them! Both of these songs are originals and are on his CD Living For Today.
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And sharing a couple videos… one is a cover tune, the other is a performance of a Tom Buechi orginal.

Tom Buechi Links

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