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LOTRO 30 Day Challenge 1

LOTRO 30 Day Challenge Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of Middle Earth Wisdom Lord of the Rings Online 30-day Challenge. This post is not at image-heavy as the last! Miss a post in the LOTRO 30 Day Challenge? Challenge...

LOTRO 30 Day Challenge 2

LOTRO 30 Day Challenge Part 1

Middle Earth Wisdom threw down a challenge gauntlet a few years back to fellow LOTRO players. I am late to this party, but I am kicking off the new gaming-centered posts doing the Middle...


Bingo Boffin LOTRO Goat

GO forth… play LOTRO, hang out with Bingo Boffin, see some things in the game you may not have seen yet…. GET YOUR OWN Bingo Boffin LOTRO Goat! If you have been following along...