As I was sitting at my doctor’s appointment today, I was thinking about food…. Well passed lunch time at this point, and all I had for breakfast was my favorite kiefer, oatmeal and blueberry smoothie… I started to picture things I had on hand in my kitchen…. LOTS OF EGGS!! My neighbor has chickens… she loves to share… (Lucky me!! :)) Fresh spinach sitting in my fridge…. lots of cheeses… sweet potatoes… Then my mind started dwelling on quiche… then to bacon… Finally I got called into my appointment.

By the time I got out of the Doctor’s office and headed home, my stomach was growling. I ran inside and started grabbing things out of the fridge… This is what I came up with. I don’t even know what to call it… it’s kind of like a frittata with out so many eggs… and really not quiche like at all. It is more like a jumble of some of my favorite ingredients on the planet. I guess egg jumble is a good name for it.

I was shocked to see I only had 4 slices of maple smoked bacon left… no biggie.. could crumble it up… French cut a medium onion, diced up a sweet potato… was starting to sound really good to me. In the end.. I had a really good dish that could be used for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner. Any time of the day (I like that…). It was also quick and easy.. the sweet potatoes took the longest to cook. I am going to say that the ingredients I used in this are approximately 2 servings (figuring the 2 eggs per person scale and all), but this fed an adult male, a 4 year old and myself.

Couple of tips:
1. When frying sweet potatoes, coat them well with the oil in the pan… allow to brown nicely, then toss in a little water and cover to help them soften a bit quicker. Remove cover, and continue cooking as normal.
2. When frying bacon in your skillet, add a little water to help render the fat, for less splatter, help it cook evenly and have a nice brown edge… also you will have bacon that holds up together when crumbled up and added to a dish, with out having it fall apart when you spear it with your fork.

Now.. I didn’t take pics of dicing the veg and cooking and crumbling the bacon… However, I did take pictures of the actual cooking phase, starting with folding your spinach in. I used 1/4 cup of mozzarella cheese, and 1/4 cup of crumbled goat cheese when I made this. You can use 1/2 cup of your choice of cheese. Printable recipe after the images. 🙂 You can also increase the ingredients for more people. 2 eggs per person thought process… so for three adults, you could just add 2 more eggs to this and add another tablespoon of milk. For 4 people, you might need to use more bacon, a little more cheese, a second sweet potato, and more spinach. More onions is your choice.

Sweet Potatoes, Bacon, Spinach
Fold in spinach and toss to coat with oil and flavors.
Sweet Potatoes, Bacon, Spinach
Add crumbled bacon on top
Sweet Potatoes, Bacon, Spinach
Pour in your egg mixture
Sweet Potatoes, Bacon, Spinach
Add your cheese
Sweet Potatoes, Bacon, Spinach
Lift Sections of eggs to allow uncooked egg to run to the bottom of pan
Sweet Potatoes, Bacon, Spinach
Not too pretty, but sure tastes good!
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