The Soy Report - Soy In Bread Products

There is nothing like the taste and smell of a piece of hot bread oozing with butter, but is the soy in bread products worth the risk to those with soy allergies?

This post will be an ongoing list of bread products as I find information regarding which breads contain soy, and which are soy-free.

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The Soy Report - Soy In Bread Products

Soy in bread products

Sarah Lee

All Sarah Lee bread products contain soybean oil and soy lecithin.

Nature’s Harvest:

They do not have their ingredients listed with their bread on their website. When you hit the Nutrition Fact on any of their bread products, it gives you:

Calories and nutrition values

    Claims: Made with Whole Grain
    No High Fructose Corn Syrup
    No Artificial Colors or Flavors
    10g of Whole Grains per serving
    Certifications: Whole Grain Stamp: 10g whole grains per serving.
    Kosher: None

Considering they are owned by Bimbo like Sara Lee is, and she is laden with soy, I am going to consider Nature’s Harvest products on the off-limits for soy allergy.

In a nutshell, all Bimbo owned companies that make bread contain soy. Their Goodbye Gluten products also contain soy flour.

Wonder Bread

All bread products contain soy lecithin and soybean oil

Pepperidge Farm

All bread products contain soybean oil and soy lecithin in the ingredients.

Walmart Bakery

All bread products contain Soy lecithin, xanthan gum and soy oil

Costco Bakery

All bread products contain soy lecithin, xanthan gum and soy oil.

It is safe to say that nearly all commercially made bread products contain soy. I have not come across many bread products that do not contain soy or that are suspect. Even Udi’s is not considered soy safe due to the content of Xanthan gum and Guar gum.

Bread that looks promising for soy-free needs

Some of the items listed need follow-up from manufacturers. Updates will be posted as I hear back from them.

Rudi’s Bakery

While there are people on the Internet that claim Rudi’s is soy free, the company does not make that claim anywhere on their website.

Their Original bread contains Non-GMO, and expeller pressed canola oil (most canola oil is processed with Hexane), Xanthan gum, so again, soy is questionable, but it is gluten-free!


Kinnikinnik bread, on the whole, seem to be soy free, contains canola oil, and cultured corn syrup solids, but that is my personal issue.

Their Gluten Free Soft Multigrain Bread contains citric acid, making it soy questionable regardless of the little green circle that states soy free.

Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s Dark Pumpernickel Tuscan Pane is free of soy ingredients including hidden soy ingredients according to their current ingredient list on the wrapper.

 Do you know of any soy friendly bread products I have missed on this list? Let me know in the comments below. 






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4 Thoughts on “Soy in bread products”

  • I went to kroger and couldn’t find a single bread without it, now cookies, cakes even crackers are getting soy in them. Soy causes irritable bowel syndrome, bloating and nausea.
    I just don’t understand how they can get away with it.
    Its in our kids school lunches, fast food and packaged foods at grocery stores like that batter for frozen chicken strips.
    Its ridiculous.

    • It is criminal, in my opinion. The ingredients in American food are illegal everywhere else on the planet. I have my opinions and theories on how they can get away with it and the why’s, but that is a conversation for another time! 😛

      Thanks for commenting.

  • I have been suffering with irritable bowel since all the food have soy in the ingredients. Is there not some way the American diet can be rid of soy? All the food chain seems to have
    soy of some sort and it is deadly, please someone help us.

    • Unfortunately, the FDA declares soy as allowable and safe in our foods. Most of our ingredients are illegal in other countries. Until they stop allowing harmful and known cancer-causing ingredients in our food supply, we are all at their mercy, so to speak, unless we stop eating processed foods and start making our own whole foods.

      Thanks for commenting!

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