Rancid… one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE BANDS!! Yes, I am a punk from way back and I am not ashamed to admit it. Most of you who know me or come to my DJ sets know that featured blocks will always have punk, and this band is always played. I ALWAYS find some way to sneak them into a set. Who’s going to bitch? I am the DJ… they bitch I play a lot of Jimmy Buffett, they know this. I don’t see why they fear me playing Buffett, I am a Parrothead and he ROCKS. Stay tuned for an Artists spotlight about Jimmy Buffett at a later date.

Rancid THe Band – Image by © S.I.N./CORBIS

I have put off spotlighting this band over the years, because frankly, how do I pick a few songs to highlight them with? They have so many great ones, it’s going to be hard for me to just showcase a few. I am totally out of my comfort zone doing this, but when I asked Ace to throw a band out for me to spotlight, first one he said was “Rancid”. Thanks, I think?

Meet Rancid

  • Tim Armstrong – Lead Vocals, Lead and Rhythm Guitar.  A band founder from 1991.
  • Matt Freeman – Lead and Backing Vocals, Bass Guitar.  A band founder from 1991.
  • Lars Frederiksen – Lead and Backing Vocals, Lead and Rhythm Guitar.  Joined the band in 1993.
  • Brett Reed – Drums and Percussion.  He joined the band in 1991 and played on every album up to the 2003 release of Indestructible.  He left the band in 2006.
  • Branden Steineckert – Drums and Percussions. The former The Used drummer, joined the band in 2006, and played drums on the Rancid 2009 Album Let The Dominoes Fall

I have bee following this band since 1993 or so, right after Tim Armstrong and Matt Freeman from Operation Ivy created it and put out that first self-titled EP. This album featured songs such as “Hyena”.

Album number 2, Let’s Go contained great songs such as”Radio” and “Dope Sick Girl”

…And Out Come the Wolves Introduced us to greats like “Time Bomb”, “Roots Radical” and “Ruby Soho”

Rancid has put out a total of 8 albums over the years, with a TO BE ANNOUNCED album coming out this year (2013). I can’t wait to get my hands on that one too. Check out their links and music. If you enjoy what you are hearing, buy their music!
In closing, I can not leave this post without posting one of my all time favorite songs by Rancid. From their 6th album, the 2003 release, Indestructible I give you “If I Fall Back Down”. Enjoy!

Rancid Links

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