Whole30 Facts Vs. Fiction
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The Whole30 Facts Vs. Fiction

Raise your hand if you have ever heard about the Whole30 diet. Better yet, raise your hand if you have seen a lot of Whole30 Facts Vs. Fiction articles, and  read how unhealthy it is, or that it was difficult to maintain long-term. I have discovered that most of the proponents against the Paleo Diet …

Steampunk Holiday Songs
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10 Steampunk Holiday Songs to Add to Your Yuletide Playlist

Happy Holidays! No matter what you celebrate, Yule, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, or something else, here is a listing of 10 Steampunk Holiday Songs to add to your Yuletide Playlist. Make it a fun tradition and bring some Steampunk to your holidays for years to come. Everyone needs a little Steampunk in his or her life! …