kitchen design trends

I am hooked on Kitchen design trends lately.  I am in the process of remodeling my kitchen, bit by bit! It will be a long process as I am doing things as I can afford to do them. I have gutted the top cabinets and removed the useless one above my stove. The integrity of the upper cabinets is still almost perfect, they are now door less and painted white. Open cupboards/shelving is one of my favorite kitchen trends.  I have been looking around the net and various magazines for ideas for my kitchen, here are some of my favorite Kitchen Design trends.

Kitchen Design Trends

1. Open Shelving/Cabinets


2. Aqua walls with white cabinets:

3. Bead Board Backsplash:

4. Butcher Block Counters- After pricing these, I thought I would have to give up on the dream counter tops. I figured I could make faux butcher blocks a lot cheaper.  Hopefully, when I put it together, I will have accomplished my goal.

5.  Bamboo Flooring:

I am hoping to have this project finished by the holidays 2014. I still have decisions to make about sinks, faucets, and lighting to make before I can actually start tearing out and replacing all the bottom areas.

kitchen design trends
This eye-catching green apron-front sink by Kohler was designed by tastemaker Jonathan Adler.

Do you have favorite kitchen design trends or suggestions for me? Please leave a comment below.



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4 Thoughts on “Kitchen Design Trends I Adore”

    • Thank you! I am almost done painting, just have to get the vaulted area. My aqua has a hint more blue then green though. Since my living room is open to the kitchen, it’s the same color. 😛

  • My ideas change so often, it’s no wonder my house looks exactly like it did when we moved in 2 years ago lol! But I go between coastal cottage and Arts and Crafts/Mission style…

    • I love those styles too! I am going with the cottage/farmhouse look for my kitchen since it’s my favorite look. Thank you for commenting!

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