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Songs of the moment 1

Songs of the Moment January 2018

This list contains January 2018 10 songs of the moment. If you are new to my website, the rules of the Songs of the Moment posts are:     The moment can last months....

New Holiday Music for 2017 1

New Holiday Music for 2017

I may not be Christian, but that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the message of a traditional Christmas song. I actually love a good Christmas song, and I can honestly say “O Holy Night”...

10 Songs of the Moment, Sept 2017 Feature Image 2

10 Songs of the Moment, Sept 2017

The world is a wondrous place of music with multi genres. It is common for at least one song to get stuck in your head on constant repeat. This list has the songs I...

Cam's Burning House 1

Cam’s Burning House

Cam’s “Burning House” is not actually new, I know some of you are going to call that out. It was released last June. Sure, I know this, you know this, but song obsessions can...