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Awards for those that are Chronically Moronic and Perpetually Stunned

Make More Money 2

Do you want to make more money?

I keep getting all of these mails in my inbox, telling me that I could be doing better with this blog, making all kinds of money, etc.  Getting asked the question “Do you want...

Transgender Equality- Transgender Awareness – End the H8 - A culture and fact post. 4

Transgender Awareness – End the H8

I have been gone for two weeks, from an epic vacation.  There had been times that I had considered not coming back, and upon my return, logging into my favorite chat, I wished I...

Demons of Stupidity 2

Richard Land – History His Way

Richard Land… incase you don’t know who he is, he is the president of Southern Evangelical Seminary in Charlotte, North Carolina. Dr Richard Land also was the former president of the Ethics & Religious...

Governor Steve Beshear 1

Governor Steve Beshear, An Unnecessary Antiquity

Governor Steve Beshear…. (Interesting…. My spell check wanted to turn Beshear into besmear or bear smear… irony? I think not.) *shakes her head in shock without awe* I have seen some stupid in my...

Coyote 1

Coyote: Rat At A Dump, Or A Responsiblity

I am a strong supporter of the no kill policy for wildlife. Helping to keep an overwhelmed population low by hunting, is another story in itself. I understand the need for that; in the...