Best Paleo Recipes
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Best Paleo Recipes I Have Tried This Year

I have a confession to make. I have been Paleo for a few years, but not always strict. I have an addiction to cheese, yogurt, and I love baking breads. I also enjoy eating that bread warm from the oven with a slather of butter. This year, I have become a little more strict with […]

Strip Club Set List
DJ Set Lists Music

Strip Club Set List

Strip Club Set List…. so you want to DJ at a strip club, huh? Most of the time when you think of strip club songs, usually Motley Crue  “Dr Feel Good” or Def Leppard’s “Pour Some Sugar On Me” come directly to mind. Sure, I play those at a strip club myself, but there are […]

Lady Sings The Blues

Lady Sings The Blues – DJ Set List

Bite Fest 2013

DJ Set List – Bite Fest 2013

DJ Set List 4th of July

DJ Set List 4th of July

DJ Tips

DJ Tip – Performance License, Do I Need One?

Performance License – Legalities First off folks, BUY your music.  I do not care if you are DJing in your back yard to your dog and your cat…. IF  you get caught playing or downloading illegally copied music,  you loose EVERYTHING… your job, your reputation, your credibility, your equipment, do I need to say more??  The […]

DJ Tips

DJ Tips – Crowd Specialist

Make More Money
Chronically Moronic Awards

Do you want to make more money?

I keep getting all of these mails in my inbox, telling me that I could be doing better with this blog, making all kinds of money, etc.  Getting asked the question “Do you want to make more money?”  (Umm duh? Doesn’t everyone?) How to make my BUSINESS run for me better…  I know that, you […]

Soy Safe Food At Red Lobster
The Soy Report

Soy Safe Foods At Red Lobster

  Avoiding soy due to allergy or just not wanting it in your body is a little time consuming. A lot of us decide to just not eat out due to the work. Many restaurants have a list of their ingredients and oils used, some do not. I am hoping to help make the work […]

Soy in Domino’s Pizza Products

Soy in Domino’s Pizza Products

If we are going to be Bffs

Things You Should Know About Me If We Are Going To Be BFFs

This is a blog prompt exercise I stumbled on while surfing for information on “How to write a good about page for your personal blog.”  I love writing prompts of all kinds, and this one seemed to fit my theme for today.  I might even link it to my About page when it’s finished.  Thanks […]

Nevermore Trick Or Treat Trail 2014 - Tales Of Horror Banner

A Quaint and Curious Tale

T.S. Eliot/John Gardner killer exercise

Writing Prompt Exercise

Self Interview Exercise

Self Interview Exercise

About Me

Hi, there! I am Bri K and you have stumbled upon my hobby blog! Food, music and cheer is what you will find here, along with an occassional rant or two. Read More

kitchen tips
Cooking Tips

5 of the Best Kitchen Tips Videos on You Tube

If you spend a lot of time in your kitchen like I do, I am sure you are always looking for kitchen tips to make your life easier or to get out of the kitchen quicker. Some of these are also money-saving tips! With out further ado, I give you: 5 of the Best Kitchen Tips […]

Must Have Kitchen Tools

Must Have Kitchen Tools, My Top 20

20 Ways To Use Fruit Before It Spoils

20 Ways To Use Fruit Before It Spoils

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Keywords People Use

Keywords People Use To Find My Blog 2016

During an insomnia induced night last night, I picked up my tablet and took a look at the keywords people use to find my site. There are always some really good clear ones, but there are usually more funnier ones. Always with a notepad next to my bed, I wrote down some of the ones […]

Merle Haggard

Merle Haggard, a Reflection and Tribute

things that are not on my bucket list

Things that are not on my bucket list

Transgender Equality

Transgender Awareness – End the H8


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